Hi! I’m Kim Smyth, author of Products From the Patio.  I’d like to teach you about all the products I use, love and write about over on Kimmy’s Patio. Products like butter, coconut oil, essential oils and more. I also write about products I use in my business, things that have to do with writing and website optimization.

I’m a freelance writer interested in alternative health. I’ve written articles for several publications, like VitaBella magazine and Paleo Nourish magazine, and would love to help you reach more readers with well researched, expertly written articles and blog posts.

I also love creative writing and have penned many a piece on Medium and several other publications.


Over at Kimmy’s Patio, I write all about all kinds of different topics, such as my use of essential oils and living the Paleo lifestyle. I have accumulated a modest following and would love the chance to ghostwrite or guest on your blog. Feel free to visit my blog or check out the links I have provided on this site. There you will get a feel for my writing “voice” and style. If you’re interested, I would love the chance to show you how I can benefit your business. I also write essays, articles and flash fiction.

While I would help any way I can, my real focus is on providing content for your blog or website.

Please go to my contact page or simply shoot me an email if you would like to work with me. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your content needs.

You can find me here: contact@kimsmyth.org